Little Feather Bakery

people are amazing. give them only the best.

Our Story


The idea of opening a small bakery popped into Jacqueline's head one afternoon in 2012. She and her high school sweetheart, Christopher, had recently tied the knot and Jacqueline was working at The St. James Tearoom. During her time at the Tearoom she learned the importance of taking the time and effort to celebrate life's great moments, no matter how small. Mulling over the thoughts of why she would want to have a bakery, Jacqueline shared the idea with her husband. Even though it was a far off plan in her head Christopher responded with, "why not get started now?". After a lot of brainstorming over countless pots of tea name Little Feather Bakery was decided on. After participating in its first styled shoot with Orange September, the bakery became connected with many talented people in the wedding business. From there word about Little Feather Bakery began to spread like wildfire and since then we have been honored to be a part of many weddings and celebrations. 



Our Heart

Before embarking on her endeavor to start her own business Jacqueline served at The St. James Tearoom where she learned what it means to serve others out of love. The owner, Mary Alice Higbie, has been a role model to Jacqueline for many years. Marry Alice expresses what it means to live a life of grace, civility, beauty, excellence and gentility through her writings as well as her day to day life. There is one quote, however, from Mary Alice that has stood out to Jacqueline the most;

"Duty bids us do things well, but love bids us do them beautifully" 

These words and the idea that they present has become a vital part of Little Feather Bakery. We love to create simple and elegant desserts that match their looks in taste. We desire to create desserts that reflect you and we strive for people to celebrate each other with the best. Showing how much you care about the people you love can be as simple as a pie.

Our product is dessert, but our heart is you.